6 Best Free Podcast Hosting in 2021

Digital recordings are an incredible method to bring in cash on the web, share your ability, network with experts in your industry, and market your work. It takes just a respectable headset to begin. You can utilize extraordinary compared to other free digital broadcast facilitating administrations and start your show without spending a dollar.

We should make a plunge directly into it!

Why you need podcast hosting

You might be imagining that you’ll transfer your digital recordings straightforwardly to networks like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Those are, all things considered, where your digital recording is well on the way to discover a crowd of people. Shockingly, these stages don’t really store web recordings.

Your current site have doesn’t have the tech expected to have a digital broadcast all things considered. In particular, they don’t have the instruments to pack your sound and disperse it to digital broadcast organizations or “podcatchers.” To accomplish this appropriation, you’ll need to work with a devoted webcast have.

Some webcast has likewise offer devices for recording, altering, and adapting your digital broadcast. This allows you to do the entirety of the significant assignments identified with running a web recording in one spot.

How free podcast hosting works

In the event that webcast facilitating is a particularly specific assistance, how might organizations stand to give it to free? All things considered, there several different ways.

To start with, many digital broadcast has limit the extra room accessible to individuals from their free arrangement. This is frequently recorded as a measure of recorded time that you can transfer, for instance two hours. You may likewise track down that some free webcast has limit certain highlights just to premium records.

Other digital recording has use income sharing to bring in their cash. This implies they place promotions on digital broadcasts, at that point split the income from those advertisements with the web recording has. Taking into account that digital broadcast promoting is a billion dollar industry,[1] this is an incredible route for facilitating organizations to bring in cash. Stunningly better, some digital recording hosts will help you discover publicizing accomplices.

Best free podcast hosting

Since we’ve examined the better subtleties of digital recording facilitating, we should perceive what you can accomplish with the best free webcast facilitating administrations.

  • Anchor
  • Acast
  • Podomatic
  • Buzzsprout
  • Spreaker
  • Podbean

1. Anchor

Best free digital broadcast facilitating: Anchor


  • of scenes/extra room: Unlimited
  • of digital broadcasts per account: 1
  • Outbound transmission capacity: Unlimited
  • Adaptation: (the US as it were)
  • Dispersion: One-tick circulation
  • Investigation: Advanced examination incorporated directly into the Anchor dashboard

Anchor is a 100% free digital recording host possessed by Spotify. The assistance gives limitless admittance to everything, including apparatuses for recording and altering your digital broadcast. You’ll even access free libraries of music and audio effects that can be utilized to give your digital broadcast a more expert feel.

Another huge benefit of Anchor is admittance to the stage’s definite investigation. Podcasters can undoubtedly get to data about the quantity of individuals who tune in to each web recording scene, what administrations individuals are utilizing to tune in, and where on earth your audience members are. You can likewise see a line chart that tracks audience patterns over a week by week, month to month, or even a day by day time frame.

Podcasters in the US are likewise ready to exploit Anchor’s adaptation program. This is an income sharing system where Anchor parts the income 70/30 with the maker, with the 70% going straightforwardly to podcasters. Anchor doesn’t openly list their publicists, yet the influence of being important for the Spotify network permits the organization to haggle with greater organizations than you could reach all alone.

I for one use Anchor to have the Spoonie Authors Podcast and have very delighted in working with the stage.

2. Acast

Best free digital recording facilitating: Acast


  • of scenes/stockpiling: Unlimited
  • of digital recordings: 1
  • Outbound data transmission: Unlimited
  • Site: (with advertisements)
  • Adaptation:
  • Conveyance: (restricted)
  • Examination: Basic

Acast offers perhaps the most liberal free plans on this rundown. There’s no restriction to the quantity of scenes you can have, record sizes you can transfer, or the occasions individuals can download your digital broadcast. You’ll likewise gain admittance to an effectively altered web recording webpage.

Free clients can likewise get to advertising instruments, similar to an AI record administration and admittance to Snipper, a device that assists you with making sound/video cuts for web-based media.

Sadly, you will not have the option to get to any of Acast’s adaptation apparatuses or run various digital broadcasts on their free arrangement. Nonetheless, it’s important that the top-notch plans incorporate a direct combination with Patreon, quite possibly the most famous instruments for bringing in cash on webcasts.

3. Podomatic

Best free web recording facilitating: Podomatic


  • of scenes/stockpiling: 6 hours/20 scenes
  • of webcasts: 1
  • Outbound data transmission: 15 GB/month
  • Site: no
  • Adaptation:
  • Circulation:
  • Examination: Basic

Podomatic is an amazing podcasting apparatus that allows you to record, alter, and distribute your digital broadcast across the board place. The organization additionally gives embeddable players to a wide assortment of informal communities and your site.

There are two different ways to adapt your digital broadcast on a free Podomatic plan. To start with, you can get sponsorships through the Podcorn program. You can likewise make a merchandise store utilizing What For Apparel, a Podomatic auxiliary that utilizations POD innovation to convey items like T-shirts and mugs straightforwardly to your audience members.

On the off chance that you have plans to ultimately move up to a paid record, it’s significant that Podomatic Pro is extraordinarily moderate, with plans beginning at $2.49/month (when charged yearly).

4. Buzzsprout



  • of digital recordings: 1
  • of scenes/extra room: 2 hours/month for as long as 90 days
  • Outbound data transmission: 250 GB
  • Site: (with advertisements)
  • Adaptation:
  • Conveyance:
  • Examination: Basic

Established more than ten years prior, Buzzsprout is one of the most seasoned and most regarded names in digital broadcast facilitating. Its fundamental draw is mechanized record improvement and transformation. This makes it conceivable to plug practically any document type into the Buzzsprout programming and transform it into a great web recording.

Another motivation behind why Buzzsprout is on this rundown of the best free webcast facilitating is the accessibility of reconciliations. You can join Buzzsprout with an assortment of well known devices, including progressed examination apparatuses and WordPress.

Buzzsprout additionally offers a wide scope of adaptation choices that incorporates sponsorships, commercials, and the capacity to acknowledge gifts.

The one disservice of Buzzsprout is the restricted extra room accessible on the free arrangement. This implies you’ll have to have an arrangement for adaptation, and the possible change to a paid facilitating plan, on the off chance that you have your digital recording on Buzzsprout.

5. Spreaker


  • of digital recordings: Unlimited
  • of scenes/extra room: 5 hours (10 scenes)
  • Outbound data transmission: Unlimited
  • Site: no
  • Adaptation:
  • Circulation:
  • Examination: Basic

Spreaker is a top notch digital broadcast have with a plenty of cutting edge highlights, including scene booking and the capacity to have live web recordings. It is likewise the just digital recording host on this rundown that allows you to have various webcasts on one record.

However, the free arrangement of Spreaker accompanies some lovely severe cutoff points. In the first place, you can just put away to ten scenes or five hours of substance without a moment’s delay. This is fine for a restricted run digital broadcast, however in the event that you need your web recording to run for quite a while, you’ll need to incorporate an arrangement for adaptation and moving to a paid level.

The other significant constraint of Spreaker’s free arrangement is the absence of adaptation choices. On the off chance that you need admittance to Spreaker’s promoting program, you’ll need to put resources into one of their paid plans. Notwithstanding, at $6/month (charged every year) for the most minimal level arrangement, this is definitely not a significant expense.

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